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Windows for Children’s Principals

We believe that children should be involved in all aspects of their care, and have a central role in any decision-making and/or care planning.

We believe that all children have the right to grow up within family settings. We work with children to ensure they can manage and maintain a subsequent transition into a “family” setting.

We believe residential care is often viewed as a “an anachronism, to be used only as a last resort” (Narey, M. (2016) Children's residential care in England: Sir Martin Narey’s independent review of children’s residential care in England, and the government's response, Department for Education.) but believe our therapeutic setting can intervene and alter a child’s fragmented trajectory.

We believe that children should be safe from harm, feel safe from harm, and be able to develop, thrive and meet their full potential.

We believe in the importance of relationship-based practice and providing children with a secure base to foster other positive relationships.

We act in the best interests of each child, and promotes the child’s physical and mental health and well-being. We value a child-led, play-based therapeutic approach as we recognise that children do not necessarily have the verbal language necessary to engage in traditional psychodynamic therapy. We recognise that behaviour is a form of communication, and can provide insight into a child’s thoughts, feelings and inner world.

About us

Windows was set up by Madge and Bob in 1995 to provide the very highest standards of therapeutic care for severely traumatised children. After many years working in childcare, they felt that there had to be a better way of helping troubled children. Although many of the homes they had worked in had the children’s welfare at heart, they felt that the therapeutic techniques being employed simply didn’t have the desired long-term effect. 


Now in its twenty third year, Windows has gained a reputation for its pioneering therapeutic play techniques. The transformation of the many children we have had the privilege of working with are testimony to our success.


Windows has an exceptionally stable, committed and professional team, with both the staff and children thriving in an open and fun environment. The stability of the team maximises the benefits of our ongoing in-house training programme. It also reduces the child’s perception of transience and insecurity.


Madge, is recognised as a leading authority in therapeutic play techniques. Since 1987 she has provided training for childcare teams who work with severely emotionally-damaged children across the Home Counties. 


The 23-strong care team have a combination of PhD, QTS, CQSW, RMA, and NVQ3, along with many other professional qualifications and certificates. They are only expected to work 40 hours a week, and because of the stability of the team, we never need to rely upon agency staff.


In 2017, after 22 years, Madge has decided to step down from the role of Director of Care and into a more therapeutic focused consultancy role. We are delighted to announce Jade as her replacement. Jade brings a wealth of experience from previous roles as ISW, IRO, university lecturer, Child Protection Chair, alongside her extensive research based knowledge. 2017 also saw the appointment of Matt (QTS) to work alongside Jade with a focus on education.